WFH 2.0

Work From Home Setup

When COVID strikes, like everyone else on this planet, all my work were done from home since. Back in Mar 2020, I realised that this new work arrangement would be the new normal. I started to explore how to make my home office more conducive and at the same time productive. 

"You're on mute.."
"We can't see you.."
"There is echo/noise from somewhere.."

Now that everyone are remote, the way we communicate will be very different compare to how we used to take for granted when doing it in person. I came to a conclusion that to have an effective remote meeting, you need to be seen and be heard. Therefore, a good audio video setup at home is vital to get your message across effectively. 

Many has asked me how did you get that crystal clear image and sound into Teams meeting or Zoom meetings? Why you can appear so clear and sharp when all others were showing up fuzzy on the screen?  What mic are you using that make you sound like you are in a recording studio? 

These are some of the common questions I got from my coworkers and many I regular in touch with. There is no clear one sentence answer to it. The overall result is a result of many trials and errors, refinement, researching, learning from other successful YouTubers, etc. 

I hope this blog will give you a quick jump start into getting yours setup in no time. Shortening your learning curve so that you don't have to through some of the hard lessons I being through. 

Finally, TEST, TEST and TEST after each change you introduce into your setup. I hit a few technical bumps along the way, but I think I have it down pretty solid now. 

I can split the setup into 4 main aspects which I want to achieve:

  • Good video
  • Good audio
  • Good lighting
  • Good ergonomics

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