Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to work

Well.. the holiday season is finally over. Two weeks off work making it real hard to get back, the bitterly cold weather is not helping either.

We had some friends over for Christmas with us. Lots of festive good food - the extra calories taken with no thought on the after effect whatsoever. Now it is time to put in the new resolutions to shed off some extra kg from our body mass. :)

So what have we been busy with lately? We play host to two families over the holiday breaks, had some good fun on the "Stealing Words" game with the Tayoks. All in all, we took things easy and just relax over the holidays. Simply chill out at home.

The last few days of 2009 was slightly different though. As mentioned in my previous blog, we have been looking for a bigger car. Yes, we had been busy hunting and we found one. :)


Well rested... new 4x4... better prep for snowy weather ... new year... 2010 here we come! :)