Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas... oh Christmas...

Merry Christmas from the Chais!

This year seems to fly past so quickly... from the moment we moved to England from Aberdeen, to the arrival of Alana, and now it hits us that we have been in this house for a year already. Time just zooms past when we were busy. It has been a life changing year for us with parenthood.

Well... Christmas cards are half sent. Another load to bring to the post office tomorrow, hopefully. This year we are not travelling during the festive season. Mainly because we've just come back from Houston in Nov. It took 3 weeks for Alana to fully recover from the jetlag. We thought it would be too much to distrupt her routine again just when she had settled in. So... we will simply chill out at home this time round. Some friends are visiting from Aberdeen and Hertfordshire, and that should keep us occupied for at least first half of the break. That also means that we need to start thinking about what food to prepare for our visiting friends, ie. traditional Christmas roast turkey, Malaysian nasi lemak, ... hopefully it will be a white Christmas, setting up the BBQ pit at the backgarden, in the cold. :) .... would be fun.

This post seems aimless... it shows that I am not in the right mind to write any further. Shall make it short and hopefully something more interesting will evolve soon... in the meantime, have a blessed Christmas and a better year for everyone in 2010!


Cynthia said...

Merry Christmas wishes from Me, and Breanna... lots of hugs and kisses from us...

Have a nice celebration too!! :D

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