Thursday, November 26, 2009

Changing season - arrival of Bugaboo

The nights are getting colder, Alana is getting bigger, and we're getting leaner, at least gear-wise. We did a bit of research on eBay last week and it has finally arrived. Here they are in order of brand-spanking newness:

Here is it - 2009 Bugaboo Cameleon Denim 007 Special Collection. We have been struggling with the old 3-wheeler because the front wheel does not swivel making it very difficult to navigate on rough terrain in the woods here. We have to pivot the rear wheel and lift the front with Alana in it when we have to navigate around. It is extremely unsafe especially when the terrain is already not that easy to walk on.

This new buggy will hopefully come in handy for the daily 30 mins walk in the neighborhood. The weather is getting colder, fleece footmuff are out in action. It compliments perfectly with the special denim collection with orange trims. When the weather gets warmer, it can then be replaced with its standard tailored fabric.

Denim seat cover

Shopping basket in denim

It looks like she is enjoying every bit of it already even though she is feeling unwell this few days.. :)

Suddenly, everything seems to turn orange entering into Autumn, even the Bloom high chair is turning orange!


Cynful Pleasure said...

nice buggy... and look at Alana.. she is so happy in there.. getting ready for walks.. :D

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