Monday, November 2, 2009

Alana in Houston

We arrived safely in Houston over the weekend despite delays over at Heathrow.

Woke up at 4:30am on Saturday in order to make the 45 mins road ride to the airport. She did not make much fuss over it although her typical routine is to wake up at about 7am. She usually sleeps through from 7pm to 7am. Anyway, we were prepared for some distruption to her routine for this travel.

Reached Terminal 4 at Heathrow at 6:30am only to be informed that the flight has been delayed by about 1.5 hours. Air travel these days is no longer the same as what it used to be 5 or more years ago. You gotto do your own check-in, bag drop on one single queue for all flights, etc... No fun... simply raising unnecessary stress level to passenger at the cost of keeping the airlines' bottom line above the water. Sorry about the groan and moan here.

The good thing about travelling with Alana is you get the special treatment, especially in the baby friendly world of GB, you get to join the fast lane from security check to boarding. Alan was saying she is our Gold pass for air travel at least for the next 10 years.

We took Continental Airlines this time for a few reasons. It is a direct flight from London to Houston, save all the transiting trouble. Secondly Continental just joined Star Alliance network, so it is good for our air miles on our Frequent Flyer Program. We were not expecting much for service to be honest. We settled into the seats and sort ourselves out. Alan then asked for an infant seat belt from the cabin crew. Guess what was the response? "NO! You are supposed to carry her on your lap during take off" The crew was raising his voice so that everyone can hear that statement. I was in the lavatory expressing milk and when Alan told me what just happened, I was utterly surprise as I was taught in my flying career, that was a mandatory rules by FAA, perhaps that has changed.

By the time we took off, it was already way past Alana's morning nap. We were both very surprise that she sat calmly on Alan's tummy and eventually doze off for a short nap. She looks like a koala bear on Alan's chest.

This is a 10 hour day flight and expecting the worst for Alana, nap distrupted, meals distrupted... lots of crying, etc. But... it turns out pretty Ok. She didn't make any fuss throughout the flight, not crawling too much. Just happy and contented to be on Alan's tummy or in my arms. The only thing that worries us was she aint eating much and we do not have her proper food (rice or noodle) with us. The airlines didn't serve her infant meal by the way. So, she was on light snacks throughout the 10 hour journey.

Her body temperature were somehow "higher" than normal. But we do not have any scientific means to confirm that other than using our palms to feel her forehead. At high altitude and inside a aircraft cabin, sometimes you may feel hot/cold but in actual fact you are just normal. We decided not to take the risks and start sponging her with cold towel, just in case. Also, she got one full seat to herself... while we (adults) were served our lunch, she was behaving very well by sitting on her own quietly and let us enjoy our meals. Bravo to Alana... usually she would be all over the place exploring the new environment.

Clearing the immigration was the usual standard... long queue. We waited for about 30 mins in the queue and many people around us were already late or missing their flight connection. Fortunately we were not in a rush other than getting Alana into bed. Alan was again asked to go for secondary interview, that took another 35 mins (quicker than the previous trip) while we were waiting outside at the hall.

We promptly made our way to the Car Rental terminal and got the car for the next two weeks. Alan was adamant that the car we got this time is the same identical Chevolet Malibu we had the previous trip. There is a similar fault in the boot space (a screw spike on the base on the boot). Can't believe it can be such a coincident, I wasn't convinced it is the same car. :)

Alana was seated on a front facing child seat and was getting excited in the 30 mins journey to the hotel. She was talking (wah wah wah... hello.. ) for about 15 mins (yes, she tried to say "Hello"), before she knocked out when the sun set. Good for her.

We quickly settled into the room and gave her a good bath before putting her into the cribs. She slept through...

to be continued...... 2nd night... she slept through again (5pm to 5:30am)


Cynful Pleasure said...

good girl Alana!! BRAVO! Enjoy your stay in Houston and have a nice holiday ya.. :D

Mummy said...

Hey, welcome to the blogosphere!! Stumbled into your blog from facebook. Alana looks so adorable!!

Michelle K

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