Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bladeless Fan

Another incredible invention by Sir James Dyson. After making a big wave with his bagless vacumm cleaner more than twenty years ago, his latest product is set to change the way we perceive how a fan should look like.

He is applying the aerodynamics theory by spraying a very thin flow of air on the ring which then drag the stream of air from surrounding into it. Very clever indeed.

The media mentioned that the fan is available for £199, which is pretty steep compare to a conventional fan. It is however ... safe, easy to clean, sleek, a focal point by itself... is it worth it? Judge it by yourself :)

Sometimes the simplest idea could well be the one that works! Check out his demo video.

Dyson's Bladeless Fan Air Multiplier

Reactions to Dyson's Bladeless Fan

Demo with baby


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