Monday, October 26, 2009

A bigger car

Bought our 320d back in Dec 2008, and with Alana now taking one full seat with her Group 1+ baby car seat, we are starting to feel the need for more space. Initially, we went for the estate model as it gives more boot space for the buggy. It looks like we have starting to "outgrown" this car soon.

We love the low running cost for this 320d, with 55mpg the fuel tank takes longer than normal to dry out, which is fantastic. Also the very low CO2 emission, bring the road tax to one of the lowest group.. less than 10 pound Sterling a month. We were pleasantly surprise that it was 50% less to run this car compare to our previous old faithful Stream. The in-built Satnav is an additional bonus for Ann as it makes her more confident and independent to drive out without me. So it is gonna be tough to replace the 320d.

Now that space is becoming a bigger issue, we start to look around for alternatives. We need a people carrier, a full size people carrier. Perhaps it was due to the fact that we were so spoiled by the Stream which gives us the flexibility of carrying people as well as a multi purpose car for transporting goods for our house project back in Aberdeen. So we went to the garage on Saturday and found this wonder beauty - R Class.

The weekend discovery trip was simply to see what is available out there... We will have a serious look at it more when we come back from Houston in mid Nov.

Should we go for it?


cre8tone said...

Very big one, indeed!~

Jeanette said...

Haa haa, it is definitely comfortable and bigger. Whatever the choices made, it is a blessing from God.

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